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release no. 5

Supported by a dense malt base, a bold peaty core is enhanced by touches of nut and tropical fruit; subtly complex and devilishly smoky
A crisp apple mint nose hints at peat, with touches of leather. The delicate dry entry spills into a rich peat dominated mid-palate mingled with oak, apricot and pears. The finish, gentle and long, lingers with smoky remnants, honeyed almonds and citrus zest.

release no. 8

Unique in a malt whisky, hop additions during the mash bring a delicate citrus note to a bright and fresh final spirit; truly a Brewers’ touch.

Delicate aromas of light coriander and the hop’s honeyed citrus foretell the silky, light touch of this malt. With a brandy-like core, the slightly citrus notes of hop tickle high on the palate. Honey and butter show briefly with a wisp of spice in the short finish.