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Release  NO. 1 

A vibrant, complex nose of oak with malt depth frames the rich, layered fruit and honey body of this Premium Charter release.

Tasting Notes
A complex, bright nose with fresh melons, honey and cream overlay deeper malt tones mingled with ample astringent oak character.  A bright, clean entry unfolds into fireweed honey, cinnamon and stone fruit, and a gentle flourish of spice and cedar lingers nicely.

Release NO. 6 

The flavours develop quietly, gently building on the depth of sweet charm this blend carries. Brewers’ wort bears fruit in this malt.

Tasting Notes
Round earthy tones, wet cedar and leather hide under the initial bristly nose. The restrained entry is soft and coating, sweet like wort from the mash trickling over the palate. Its robust nature finally blossoms off the tongue with notes of sweet figs and fresh oak trailing into the lingering finish.



Release NO. 10 – CASK STRENGTH

The Brewers first Cask Strength release displays bright and elegant character that belies its strength.  

Tasting Notes
A sample drawn direct from the cask displays rich colour and an edgy vibrant nose. It quickly warms the palate chased with notes of tropical fruit in salted caramel cream. The spirit barely rests on the tongue, bright and flighty, the finish tingling in the upper reaches of the palate.



Release NO. 13 

Careful aging provides complex flavour development in a light bodied malt. Easy drinking with plenty of engaging accents along the way. Delightful!

Tasting Notes
The vibrant nose is a dusting of nutmeg over nuts and dried apricot. The light bodied entry moves easily to an indulgent mid-palate of silky nugat. Sugaried dried fruit and cracked black pepper. Sweetened granola grains join at the finish all lingering for an extended contemplation.