1) What kind of whisky is this?

Single malt whisky. Single meaning from a single distillery, malt meaning that it is all made from malted grain, and whisky meaning that it has spent a minimum of 3 years in a barrel.

2) How old is the whisky?

All our whisky is made on site from scratch.  Each expression we release is pieced together from the various mashes we do here, but in general is not from a single mash.  As a result, the releases will be a combination of ages.  This first release is primarily from whisky we produced in our first two years of operation, so is 6-7 years old.

3) What is our whisky made from?

All of our whisky is made from malted grains.  We will use primarily malted barley, but also produce mashes containing malted wheat, malted rye, roasted malts, etc.

4)      Is it Rye?

No, it is not. In Canada, the word ‘rye’ has evolved to equal the word ‘whisky’.  However, there are very different production and flavouring components used in producing Canadian whisky, and most often rye grain is NOT one of those ingredients.

6)      What kind of barrels has the whisky been in?
American Oak, some new and some previously containing bourbon. By definition, bourbon can only be made in new barrels, providing a source of ‘once used’ barrels for whisky makers. We are probably using a higher proportion of new barrels compared to most whisky producers as we look for different flavours.

7)    How many releases per year and how much will be available?
The timing and numbers of releases will depend on market demand. We will likely do 3 or 4 releases per year for now, at about 800 to 1600 bottles per release. We can (and do) produce more than this into barrels, however we want some of the whisky to continue to age and evolve in the barrel for future releases.

10)   Where else and when can people get the bottles?
Release One is planned for the Yukon only. Release Two is planned for the Yukon and Alberta. Based on sales volumes and velocities and our ability to produce, we will examine other markets in the future.

12)   What are the other “expressions”? And how do explain the variability of the whisky within an expression?
Because our premise is that each release we create is unique, and displays distinctive character that may not resemble the previous release, we thought the consumer should have some way of knowing what to expect when they purchase these releases.  The four divisions of releases are guidelines as to what to expect, but will be overlapping; they are more an indication of what makes each expression different.  There is nothing to say that a ‘Special Finish’ release will not have some peat character in it, as well as some of our Innovative mash content.