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release no. 5

Influences from a sour mash distillation create a broad spectrum of sensations from bright and briny nose to a finish of sweet dried fruit and nuts.
A rich, briny nose, distinctive of sour mash is sharp with hints of dill and sweet pepper. The soft, creamy entry expands across the palate. The palate dries with remnants of nuts, sweet dried fruit and a dash of cayenne. 

release no. 8

Unique in a malt whisky, hop additions during the mash bring a delicate citrus note to a bright and fresh final spirit; truly a Brewers’ touch.

Delicate aromas of light coriander and the hop’s honeyed citrus foretell the silky, light touch of this malt. With a brandy-like core, the slightly citrus notes of hop tickle high on the palate. Honey and butter show briefly with a wisp of spice in the short finish.

release no. 11

Two Brewers uses character building Munich malts to create a dram with concentrated malt depth and rich flavour from entry to finish. 

Mashing with Munich malts intensifies the malt depth in the whisky. A thick cereal grain nose wafts from the glass. The granola and graham cracker base is round and coating, carrying tropical and dried fruit from start through the long lingering finish.