Two Brewers brings brewing techniques to the spirits world, to create unique and diverse malt expressions

Release no. 32

Dark roasted grains and oak dominate the complex flavour progression. Rich on the palate and distinctive in profile, once only and not to be missed.

The bronzed liquid impresses in the glass; currants, tobacco and peanut brittle, notes of earthy clay. The cream bodied dram enters lively and bright, citrus fruit with dates and vanilla. Nutty burnt sugars and drying carbon enfold through the finish, refined in the linger.

release no. 27

Two Brewers captures the core of beers malt character builders; a dense and complex spirit with distinctive character barrel aging, tempting and engaging.

Deep malt aromas rise as misty wafts, quelling the taunting spirit. The cereal weight is evident, rich as buckwheat honey, nuts and nougat engage the palate. Oak and smoke, remnants from peated barrels, brace the continuing composition, absorbing for the attentive listener.

release no. 22

A kettle soured mash married with sour fermented whisky, held at higher abv to flaunt the temptingly unique characters of this malt

release no. 20

Finished in maple syrup barrels, this whisky is sugar and spice, and many things nice. The maple teases the edges of this S’morish treat. 

Burnt sugar and baking spices, rich with oak, seek release from the glass. The velvety body is coating with heavy sugars and syrup on the tongue, toasted graham and cinnamon flickering just above. The maple barrels’ influence becomes clearly evident in the bright, long lasting finish. 

release no. 17

Malted rye and specialty brewer’s malts, plus select barrel finishing, conspire to produce a vibrant, spicy dram. Assertive, with a sweet heart. 

A vibrant note of citric ginger and burnt caramel foretell the drams temperament. A light sweet entry gives way to an assertive, cinnamon candy spice, enveloping the brown sugar centre. The finish is a visit to the spice store, the senses tingling, prolonged and pleasing. 

release no. 14

A large measure of deeply roasted malts and patient aging to develop its unique qualities, provides a spirit of singular character, a true treasure. 

A complex bronzed spirit, spritely citrus tones over honeyed cereal grains and toasted nuts. The silky, so easy entry is soft and dusty. Dry, nutty sweetness develops from the fringes. A silky flourish in the back preludes the softly fading chorus of dry malt barley and raisins. 

release no. 11

Two Brewers uses character building Munich malts to create a dram with concentrated malt depth and rich flavour from entry to finish. 

Mashing with Munich malts intensifies the malt depth in the whisky. A thick cereal grain nose wafts from the glass. The granola and graham cracker base is round and coating, carrying tropical and dried fruit from start through the long lingering finish. 

release no. 8

Unique in a malt whisky, hop additions during the mash bring a delicate citrus note to a bright and fresh final spirit; truly a Brewers’ touch.

Delicate aromas of light coriander and the hop’s honeyed citrus foretell the silky, light touch of this malt. With a brandy-like core, the slightly citrus notes of hop tickle high on the palate. Honey and butter show briefly with a wisp of spice in the short finish.

release no. 5

Influences from a sour mash distillation create a broad spectrum of sensations from bright and briny nose to a finish of sweet dried fruit and nuts.
A rich, briny nose, distinctive of sour mash is sharp with hints of dill and sweet pepper. The soft, creamy entry expands across the palate. The palate dries with remnants of nuts, sweet dried fruit and a dash of cayenne.