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Release NO. 3 

Supported by a dense malt base, a bold peaty core is enhanced by touches of nut and tropical fruit; subtly complex and devilishly smoky.

Tasting Notes
A crisp apple mint nose hints at peat, with touches of leather. The delicate dry entry spills into a rich peat dominated mid-palate mingled with oak, apricot and pears. The finish, gentle and long, lingers with smoky remnants, honeyed almonds and citrus zest.

Release N0. 7 

The smoky profile of this complex and fulfilling malt displays the positive influences of a wet campfire and barely cooked S’mores

Tasting Notes
A rich nose of patent leather, stone fruit and cedar layered with toasted oak and char. Fresh honey sweetness preludes the crisp emergence of spice and lit match smoke. The finish is long to develop, white pepper and burnt toffee mingled with the smoke of a smudge fire.

Release N0. 12 

Two Brewers builds a strong malt foundation to carry their most robust peat to date. The balance of flavours creates an extended palate pleasing experience. 

Tasting Notes
An unhurried most presents a complex peated medley, medicinal and smudgey, backed by the weighty base malt. A gentle , sweet and clean entry preludes a mid-palate burst of character. Caramel covered stone fruit in a swirl of smoky carbon, balanced, long and lingering.