Special Finishes

Careful cask selection and barrel transfers create complex and distinct character in these malts

Release NO. 28

This dram explores the dusky tones of sherry barrel aging. Old world style savoury and fruit, drawn together from seasonal oak cooperage.

Tasting Notes
The lush aroma is complex, pulpy fruit and granola, opening with a pleasant coating entry. The heart is sweet and savoury, mango and papaya with brine, spice and cane sugar. Mature sherry and Hungarian oak, toasted with cocoa build to a bold and compelling finish.

Release NO. 23

A lightly peated traditional malt with portions finished in both sherry and port barrels offers a complex balance of subtle fruit, oak and smoke.

Tasting Notes
Port barrel oak and subtle sherry fruit mingle with an airy peat presence. A caramel coated entry funnels onto the tongue, astringent peat and cask influences enveloping the sensation. Sweet barrel fruit quips with drying oak and refined smoke in the delicate finish.

Release NO. 15

Finishing a short time in sherry barrels adds to an already complex classic blend; oaky resins cavort with Two Brewers’ malty richness. 

Tasting Notes
Complexity climbs from the glass, assertive oak and a prickly citrus tingle. A simple silky entry unfolds to bold intricate play, grainy oak and distant sherry, a hint of buttery vanilla. The game ends suddenly, spiced and sweetened cream taunting for a replay. 

Release NO. 9

Aging in European oak of PX Sherry barrels inparts a robust core of flavours in this fleshy dram, complex and tropical across the entire palate. 

Tasting Notes
The tawny colour and vibrant malt & oak aromas predict a complex sherry heart. The entry is crisp while a creamy core coats the palate, stone and tropical fruit emerge throughout. Plum, mango and kiwi are wrapped in sweetness for the fentle, lingering finish. 

Release NO. 4 

Carefully aged malts of refined character, blended and finished in fresh bourbon barrels, produce a delicate expression with a silky, pleasing texture.

Tasting Notes
Bright minty malt tones present spring meadow aromas, with touches of cedar and clean fresh oak. The palate is wrapped like velvet with refined malt sweetness, delicate flavour highlights, and subtle barrel influences. A sweet butter and spice finish gently dries from the palate.

Release NO. 2 

The nose is warming and vibrant, rich aromas with a heart of peaches and stone fruit. Ripe nectarines, round and creamy on the palate, are wrapped at once in resins of sherried oak and bright touches of nutmeg and white pepper. The lightly lingering finish of sweet honey and spice is wispy clean.

Tasting Notes
Stone fruit and spice support a complex array of flavours, developed by carefully selecting our distinctive malts, aged in bourbon and virgin oak barrels, and marrying in PX Sherry casks.