Malts of wide varying character, but typical of mainland Scottish style whiskies

Special Finishes

Careful cask selection and barrel transfers create complex and distinct character in these malts


Of singular bold character or balanced with malt depth, the Peat is king for these drams


Two Brewers brings brewing techniques to the spirits world, to create unique and diverse malt expressions

Our Story

Take two lads in the Yukon, stick them on a canoe trip, and lo and behold, in 1997 a brewery was born. Now, making beer is a joyous thing, but in 2009 these two blokes decided to buy a still, apply their brewing knowhow and make whisky. Whisky made in small releases, with a variety of malted roasted grains, using different fermentation techniques and a mix of barrels.

An old fashioned can be a nice way to mix things up and a great way to introduce someone new to single malt whisky. How would you introduce a friend to Two Brewers?
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Does the glass matter?🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️
We have some new TB glasses in and they are ready for you to swirl, sniff and sip your way to single malt whisky fulfilment. What's your take on what you sip your whisky out of?
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Have you ever wanted to give Two Brewers a try? Do you enjoy trying a variety of single malt whisky in one sitting? If you answered yes then we have exactly what you need! Stop by 102 copper road and enjoy a flight of Two Brewers. Also, check out our new glasses! Don't just sip but sip in style!
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This new release is innovative as its heart consists of a mash that was created with dark roasted grains, giving it a unique nutty character. This is backlit by sweet vanilla aging overtones creating a peanut brittle note. Also, a portion of the dram was aged in ex-peated barrels so for those searching you may encounter a light smoke influence.
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A journey doesn’t have to be literal, it doesn’t need to be from point A to B.
Sometimes a journey can be as simple as a sip of fine whisky, letting your taste buds explore a new or possibly known destination.
Wether it’s your first taste or last taste of a bottle, Two Brewers is always up for a journey. 🚂🚃🥃

How about a little bit of our green label, on this very green holiday?
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from all of us at Two Brewers Whisky! 🥃🍀🌈

🥃 Release #31 🥃
Earthy underpinnings support a bright nose, nutty cereal and dark berries. Creamy clover honey tracks from entry, centred as tones of green tea and cedar encompass the palate. Dry grains and oak emerge for the finish, touched by the enduring honey. You wont want to miss out on this Release!
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What makes Release#30 Unique?🧐🥃
Most of this whisky is from a 100% peated mash from 2011 (43%) plus a 25% peated mash from 2012 (35%). The last 12% of the release comes from a blend of two sour mashes, both from 2011. The intention here was to use the sour mash and the tang and depth that those mashes bring to compliment the phenolic notes of the peated mash. The two sour mashes used are very distinct and are usually used sparingly in our blending to build a bit of complexity but to not overwhelm. That character was turned way up in Release 22 back in 2020 and is presented a bit more prominently again here, but this time alongside a strong and complex smokiness.

It is FRIDAY!!🥃
You made it through the work week and now you deserve some time for relaxation and a fresh pour of Two Brewers.
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Every release is unique in its own way. Never to be repeated again. Innovative releases push the boundaries of what a typical single malt whisky represents. Whether it is utilizing sour mashes, different brewers grains, using uncommon barreling techniques to give little plot twists of flavour or whatever the Two Brewers' can come up with next.
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Nothing beats pouring a glass of single malt whisky and staring up at the clear nights sky. In the Yukon you get a mix of stars, meteors, galaxies and even the famous aurora borealis.
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We couldn't be happier with our results from this years Canadian Whisky Awards. It was great to see Release 26 and 27 take home gold in this year's awards. As well, Release 24, 25, and 28 garnered silver medals. We would like to thank everyone for their support and are excited to keep the single malt flowing. #canadianwhiskyawards #canadianwhisky #canadiansinglemalt #twobrewerswhisky ...

This is what a "Special Finish" to a hike looks like... 🥃😉 📸:@ete_photograph
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🗻🥃Warm Weather and Weekend Drams🥃🗻
The weather has warmed up and just in time for the weekend! Don't forget to get outside and enjoy a nice dram of whisky for making it through the workweek. #twobrewerswhisky #yukonwhisky #candiansinglemalt #singlemaltwhisky

What's you favorite song that mentions whisky? 🎸🥃
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2021 was an interesting year, to say the least. However, we continued on and dedicated our time to making some unique and interesting drams. Peated, Classic, Special Finishes, Innovative and Cask Strength. It never matters the style just that the first sip puts a smile on someone's face. We wish everyone the best this year and hope that we can continue to provide you with the best single malt whisky we can make up North of 60°. (📸to @jeremypue) #allthebest #twobrewerswhisky #yukonwhisky #twobrewerssinglemalt #singlemaltwhisky #canadianwhisky #canadian #northof60 #whisky #singlemalt #singlemaltcanada #whiskycommunity #positivity #travelyukon #yukonterritory #smallbatchwhisky #smallbatchwhiskey #whiskywednesday ...